Fireplace №1-clinker 101 - In Demand

Fireplace №1-clinker 101

The price depends on the thickness of the tile:

Price: 500 eu/m2

You have long dreamed of your own fireplace, but the design of the house does not allow you to install a natural fireplace?

Our company produces decorative fireplaces with an ideal imitation of smoldering firewood.

The frame of the fireplace is made of high-strength OSB, which makes the fireplace very reliable. The fireplace is decorated with a flexible clinker. Inside the fireplace there is an installation of scorched firewood and coals. Filling the fireplace has a beautiful backlight, which completely simulates the appearance of smoldering firewood. Due to heating the firewood with lighting, the smell of a natural fire emanates from the fireplace. Decorative grille emphasizes the authenticity of the fireplace. Decorative fireplace will help create a complete design, make the room cozy and stylish.


The size, configuration and facing of the fireplace are selected individually.

The size of the fireplace on the photo:

The length is 153 cm.

The height is 120 cm.

The depth is 43 cm.

The length of the niche is 91 cm.

The height of the niche is 58 cm.

The weight of the fireplace is 80 kg.


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