Brick № 100 - In Demand

Brick № 100

Color according to NCS catalog: S 2050-Y10R

old gold


b – for brick, matt

The price depends on the thickness of the tile:

Price: eu/m2


Hand-molded tile: Flexible brick “IN-BRICK”

It is offered in the version of single tile

Number of tiles (bricks) in m² – 48 pcs.
The size of the tile (brick) – 250X65 mm
The thickness of the tile (brick) is 3-5 mm
Weight / m²: 4,5 -5 kg
“IN-BRICK” is certified according to DSTU B В.2.6-36: 2008 (the system of fastened thermal insulation)

Brick tiles of our production are successfully applied to any thermal insulation materials and are recommended for finishing with mineral wool insulation. The “breathable seam” technology helps to increase the vapor permeability. Unlike heavy facing tiles, Flexible brick does not bounce off and is guaranteed to be kept on an adhesive basis.

Eco-friendly composition: quartz sands, modified cement, polymer compositions, iron oxide pigments


frost resistance – from 75 cycles
coefficient of water absorption by mass -0.5%
water vapor permeability – 0.05 mg / (m • h • Pa)
UV stability – 8 points
flammability class – A1
The service life is more than 25 years.

The thickness of the tiles

3-5 мм


Interior of a house, cafe, restaurant:

There are several basic techniques for decorating an interior for a brick:

accent wall
apron for the kitchen
fireplace decoration
columns, arches,
corners, slopes
space zoning
Due to low water absorption, Flexible brick is successfully used for finishing rooms with high humidity: bathrooms and swimming pools.

Especially popular this tile brand enjoys among the designers of interiors of cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.

Interior styles: grunge, modern, minimalism, provence, country, baroque, classicism, gothic, etc.

With the decorative tile IN-BRICK, your interior will be finished and will become memorable.


Glue-grout universal “Honest glue” DSTU B.В.2.7-126: 2011 – is applied for installation of flexible clinker, brick and tile, with external and internal use.

The name “Honest Glue” speaks first of all of the high quality of the product. Our glue corresponds to the declared parameters in the DSTU and ensures the reliability of the system of the finishing layer of the bonded insulation.

Adhesive is available in color versions (white, beige, gray, graphite) and is simultaneously a grout for seams. This approach helps save time when installing clinker tiles, and also significantly reduces the expense of funds for expensive grouting.

Composition: cement, sand, reinforcing fibers, modifying additives.

Packing – bag 25kg

Recommended flow rate: 25kg per 5m² with a layer thickness of 4-5mm


– unlike traditional brick tiles with a weight of 18-24 kg / m², the flexible brick has a weight of 3.5 to 4.5 kg / m². This ease makes it possible to use this material in the decoration of high-rise buildings in accordance with the norms of DBN B.2.6-33. The flexible brick is more reliably retained on an adhesive basis, unlike heavy tiles
– the surface lined with flexible brick has an additional vapor permeability due to breathable seams. Our material complies with the norms of DSTU B В.2.6-36: 2008 of the system of fastened thermal insulation and is recommended for finishing facades insulated with mineral wool, for which lightweight finishing materials with high vapor permeability are required. Flexible brick can be successfully applied with any thermal insulation substrate, as well as, on different surfaces from concrete walls to clutches of DSP and chipboard
– there is no need for special surface preparation, cracks and irregularities are successfully concealed
– IN-BRICK on the module of 0.5 m² significantly shortens the time of installation of brick tiles and reduces the cost of construction
– hygroscopic, does not require treatment with an additional protective layer
– shockproof, abrasion resistant
– durable, not susceptible to aggressive environment, UV resistant
– retains all properties at a temperature of -35 ° C to + 80 ° C
– elastic, bends around any surface
– does not require special equipment for cutting, easy to install –
– independently without attachment of fasteners and reinforcement
– for installation, the color glue “Honest Glue” is used, which reduces the time for gluing two times and saves money on expensive trowels
– thin-layered, saves space
– light and compact, economical in logistics.

Specificity of the product

Product Specificities The following product specifics should be considered:

– The flexible brick bends well when the temperature is raised from + 20 ° C. When in a cold room, warm the tiles with your hands before bending.
– The outer corner of 90 ° should not be sharp, it must first be worn out. To bend the tiles it is recommended to warm it with a construction hair dryer to a temperature of + 60-80 ° C. When laying on a corner, avoid stretching the tiles from the corner, otherwise after the adhesive has dried on its angular part, cracks may appear on the tension. On the bend, you must smooth the tiles with a light finger pressure, moving in the direction of the corner.


Packing Flexible brick is made in cardboard boxes.

Tile packing:

3 mm – 4 m²

4 mm – 3 m²

5 mm – 2 m²


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