LLC “IN DEMAND” offers cooperation to dealers on the sale of products for the systems of facade insulation and interior decor. We produce a line of finishing materials, as well as related products to them:
  • Flexible clinker IN-CLINKER
  • Flexible brick IN-BRICK
  • Flexible tiles IN-KERAM
  • Universal wallpaper IN-STONE
  • Frescoes IN-FRESCO
  • Glue-grouting universal HONEST GLUE
  • Glue universal polymeric HONEST GLUE
With us you will be able to:
– to expand the range of materials for finishing houses and this will interest more visitors
– to offer the client universal and multifunctional finishing materials of high quality with a large set of colors and textures to choose from
– to increase sales and increase the attendance of your store, office
– to receive a stable income from each sale
Our products meet the needs of customers in quality materials with new properties. We offer you European quality at an affordable price.
To become our dealer, you need to sign a contract and purchase a dealer kit.

Detailed consultation on the terms of cooperation:
+380 66 644 30 70
+380 98 327 67 70

Dealer kits to choose from:

includes the entire range of tiles per piece. is fastened with a bolt with a metal chain 6 €
Expositor “Facade” double-sided stand with facade insulation systems on foam and mineral wool substrates 40 €
Fireplace №1-clinker 101
Filling-imitation of embers from natural firewood with electric lighting
500 €
Set of glues Информация для дилеровИнформация для дилеровИнформация для дилеров Cement glue – 25 kg
Polymer glue – 1LGlue sand-polymer – 1L
17 €