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Flexible brick IN-BRICK – non-standard solution for an interior with character!

This is Hand Made decorative brick made in the following styles:

    • loft
    • grunge
    • provence
    • classic
    • modern
Flexible brick IN-BRICK conveys all the naturalness and roughness of the texture of “live” brickwork. The collection of textures is constantly updated with new models. Our artists will develop any texture to order.

Benefits of Flexible Brick

    • light – weighs only 3 or 4 kg / m²
    • elastic – applied to all types of surfaces, including: arches, columns, arches
    • easy to handle corners – you can create a corner element yourself or order a finished one
    • easy to install – without special tools and skills, see installation instructions
    • quick to install – laid with a single tile and high-speed installation method with 0.5 m² modules on a fiberglass mesh
    • easy to clean from any dirt – the surface of the tiles is treated with a super-resistant water-repellent protective coating in the production of material at the factory
    • durable – within 12 months, the tile hardens on the wall and becomes stone.

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N-BRICK is available in two versions: piece bricks and mounted on a fiberglass mesh module.
These tile variations do not affect its value. The price depends on the choice of tile thickness: 3 or 4 mm.
Invoice: textured, brick, matte.

Standard sizes:

Module size – 460X1175 mm
Module area – 0.5 m²
Seam – 12 mm
Number of tiles (bricks) in the module – 24 pcs.
Number of tiles (bricks) in m² – 48 pcs.
The size of the tile (brick) – 250X65 mm
Tile (brick) thickness – 3 and 4 mm
Weight / m²: 3 and 4 kg
Order a custom size and an individual texture – we’ll do it.


Frost resistance – from 75 cycles
Water absorption coefficient – 0.06 kg / m² per hour
Vapor permeability – 0.01 µ, mg / m * h * Pa
Combustibility groups – G1, G2 (depending on the choice of tile type)
Tensile Strength – 13.8 MPa
Weather resistance – lifetime 25 years.
Composition: quartz sands, polymer compositions, iron oxide pigments, mesh fiberglass facade Valmiera.
Note! All technical specifications are confirmed by Certificates and Conclusions of material test reports:

Trust Leaders and Professionals!

IN DEMAND is the only company on the market with which developers work: KAN Development, Perfect Group, Sava Group. See our objects:
We have experience working with architects and designers and know the needs of our customers. Products from IN DEMAND – this is the highest quality and decent appearance! Thanks to the unique technology, IN-BRICK Flexible brick can repeat any texture at the request of the customer.

Flexible brick applications

Due to its unique characteristics, the scope of the material is almost limitless.
The use of decorative bricks is appropriate for both exterior and interior decoration – for facing facades and socles, chimneys, fences, columns and arches, for wall decor, window and stairwells, as well as interior decoration in various styles.
Moreover, the universal properties of the material allow:
• Prevent cracks in the wall.
• To ensure the finish of facades insulated with mineral wool, since the light weight of flexible bricks does not make the external coating heavier.
• Protect walls from aggressive environmental influences.
• Use flexible bricks on surfaces with complex terrain without prior preparation.
At the same time, judging by the reviews of consumers, the decoration with decorative material is distinguished by the atmospheric atmosphere of real brickwork and stunning picturesqueness.

IN DEMAND – nothing is impossible for us

Creating a decorative brick, manufacturers sought to maximize the performance characteristics of finishing materials. The products that IN DEMAND represents on the Ukrainian market correspond to other important parameters for consumer choice:
• Wide range of applications.
• A wide range of color schemes and design.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Affordable price.
The company’s catalog contains a collection of flexible bricks IN-BRICK, made manually for various stylistic manifestations – classics and Provence, loft or grunge.
Competent managers who are always in touch and ready to provide full-fledged information support will always help to decide on an interior solution.
We do not just offer to buy decorative brick, but provide a selection of products whose characteristics optimally meet the expectations of the buyer.

Flexible brick IN-BRICK – create your comfort zone!